The service we provide

We provide a large variety of solutions connecting "Things" wirelessly for the individual requirements of our customers.

The purpose of our services is providing the wireless capability that can get easily for everyone who want to make some wireless remote monitoring/control devices but feel that it is hard to achieve.

You might be confused since there are several wireless specifications. However, each specification has its own specific purpose. The WiFi is for connecting PCs to LAN, the Bluetooth is for connecting smart phones or PCs to the peripheral devices and TWE(the Wireless Engine) is for connecting "Things" wirelessly.

The wireless microprocessor module TWELITE is utilized for connecting "Things" wirelessly such as IoT(Internet of Things) or M2M(Machine to Machine) networks.

The TWELITE is small size to fit for anything, low power consumption to last battery life for several years, long range transmission to reach for a long distance and many devices can join to the network. Every features are suitable connecting "Things" wirelessly.

The various information can be gathered or transmit using the TWELITE. The TWELITE will be a function block to add the wireless functionality building a final product.

We have prepared a plenty of application software and the development platform to customise them. We also provide the high performance antennas and the energy harvesting power management modules.

We provide the complete turnkey solutions to make product using the wireless capability.

Who is our user?

The wireless microprocessor module TWELITE is designed for the "MAKERS". The "MAKERS" means who loves making something includes engineer, artist and designer both professional and amateur.

It was not so easy to implement the wireless function into the product before. We removed the difficulty and offer usability to all of the "MAKERS". The TWELITE is able to utilized for the wide range of market such as hobby, education or industrial products.

Wireless Microprocessor Module TWELITE

The TWELITE is a IEEE802.15.4 standard complied wireless microprocessor module.

The TWELITE is not a single functioned wireless module. It's a microprocessor module that has wireless capability. It doesn’t require the external microprocessor and it makes the final product small and simple.

The TWELITE is a small all in package sized 13.97 square millimeters(0.55 square inches) includes 32 bit RISC microprocessor, digital input/output, analog input/output, PWM, comparator, pulse counter and the RF circuit.

The TWELITE controls the sensors, displays, LEDs, switches and the others without any external microprocessor. It reduces the total cost and shorten the development time.

Any software is necessary to function the TWELITE. The TWE standard app is preinstalled and it runs immediately. The app can be replaced or can be newly developed.

The TWELITE uses 2.4GHz Global Frequencies(ISM band) that is shorter wavelength. Since the wavelength is shorter it makes antenna length shorter and the final product smaller.

Complies with European EN300 440 with the CE logo, U.S FCC Part 15.247, Canadian IC RSS-210 and Japanese ARIB STD-T66.

Lead-free / RoHS product.


The TWELITE has two types of form factors. The SMD(surface mount device) and the 2.54mm (0.1in) pitch DIP device. Both of the types has the same functions but the pin assignment are different.

Wireless module of things

Product Name: TWELITE

Model Number: TWE-L-W0
EAN/UPC: 4589512170259
Note: Wire Antenna terminal, question mark shaped antenna included

Model Number: TWE-L-W7
EAN/UPC: 4589512170266
Note: Wire Antenna terminal, question mark shaped antenna included

Model Number: TWE-L-U
EAN/UPC: 4589512170273
Note: UFL terminal, Antenna not included

The power consumption is very small and the RF performance is excellent. It is workable for longer periods with small batteries. It is the SMD(surface mount device) and is able to mounted on the base printed circuit board without connectors. The TWELITE is also suitable for mass production using the component mounter. Learn more

Wireless Microprocessor board

Product Name: TWELITE DIP

Matchstick Antenna
Model Number: TWE-L-DI-W
EAN/UPC: 4589512170181
Note: w/ Antenna and Pin Header

Model Number: TWE-L-DP-W
EAN/UPC: 4589512170198
Note: w/o Pin Header, Antenna included

2D Matchstick Antenna
Model Number: TWE-L-DI-P
EAN/UPC: 4589512170204
Note: w/ Pin Header

Model Number: TWE-L-DP-P
EAN/UPC: 4589512170211
Note: w/o Pin Header

UFL Connector
Model Number: TWE-L-DI-U
EAN/UPC: 4589512170228
Note: w/ Pin Header

Model Number: TWE-L-DP-U
EAN/UPC: 4589512170235
Note: w/o Pin Header

The TWELITE DIP is a 28 pins DIP package mounted the TWELITE on a breakout board. The pitch of pins is a standerd 2.54mm(0.1in) and it makes easy wiring by hands. It is directly mountable on the generic circuit board or the standard IC socket. It is suitable for the rapid prototyping or the small amount of productions. Learn more

Wireless Accelerometer Tag

Product Name: TWELITE-2525A
Model Number: TWE-L-2525A
EAN/UPC: 4589512170044

TWELITE-2525A is a small tag that has a 3-axis accelerometer, a coin battery holder and PCB antenna. Learn more

USB Stick

Product Name: MONOSTICK(clear)
Model Number: MONOSTICK-C
EAN/UPC: 4589512170013

Product Name: MONOSTICK(gray)
Model Number: MONOSTICK-G
EAN/UPC: 4589512170020

The MONOTSICK is a USB stick that connects to the USB devices. The TWELITE can communicate in the serial data with the PC, smart phone or tablet via the MONOSTICK. Learn more

USB Adapter

Product Name: TWELITE-R
Model Number: TWELITE-R
EAN/UPC: 4589512170037

The TWELITE-R is used when programming or setting the Apps of The TWELITE DIP via the USB serial connection. Learn more

Energy Harvesting Power Manegement Module

Product Name: TWE-EH-SOLAR

Model Number: TWE-EH-S-DI
EAN/UPC: 4589512170327
Note: w/ Pin Header

Model Number: TWE-EH-S-DP
EAN/UPC: 4589512170334
Note: w/o Pin Header

TWE-EH-SOLAR is a power management module for the small solar cells. TWELITE is powered by small solar cell using TWE-EH-SOLAR. Learn more

Vibration energy harvesting RF tag


Model Number: TWE-L-SWING
Note: Includes a extention board(TWE-L-SWING-EX)

Vibration energy harvesting RF tag TWELITE SWING generates RF signal with vibration. Learn more


The antennas are available for connecting to the TWELITE. It is used for expanding the range or narrowing the beam angle. Many choices for each of the purposes. Learn more



There is selection of application software available. Learn more

SDK(Softwere Development Kit) - free

The SDK(Software Development Kit) is available for free. There is no limitation of the period or the file size. It helps to minimize the initial cost of development. Learn more

The services for developers

Tech support

The tech support is available through email. Learn more

Antenna performance evaluation and measurement

Antenna performance evaluation and measurement service is available. Learn more


Currently, only in Japanese is available.

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RF Compliance Approval Regulations

In case of use the wireless modules (wireless devices) the regulation for each of countries that used must be followed.

The TWELITE complies with European EN300440 with the CE logo, U.S FCC Part 15.247, Canadian IC RSS-210 and Japanese ARIB STD-T66, Taiwanese, Australian.